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Nelson : BRL Online Poll Ends With 277 People Posting Votes On 151 Speed Limit Issue

Nelson : BRL Online Poll Ends With 277 People Posting Votes On 151 Speed Limit Issue

[ 0 ] December 21, 2012

Rockfish Valley Nelson County, VA A few days ago we placed an unscientific poll up here at BRL to see what people generally though about a plan by some petitioners to reduce the speed limit to 45 MPH all along Route 151 through the Rockfish Valley from Route 250 south to Route 664. 664 is [...]

Tell us what you think! Click on the image above to go to our online survey post over at BRL.

Online Poll: Lowering Route 151 Speed Totally To 45 MPH In Rockfish Valley?

[ 0 ] December 16, 2012

Rockfish Valley Nelson County, VA More detail by clicking here to our updated story. We recently told you about a move by petitioners in the Rockfish Valley along Route 151 to lower the speed limit completely along the stretch from Royte 250 at Rockfish Gap, to Route 664 (Beech Grove Road). The measure is asking [...]

By Tommy Stafford ©2008 NCL : Ironically, our cameras caught a Virginia State Trooper partoling the new 45 MPH zone along Route 151.

Speed Reminder Goes Up Along 151 in New 45 MPH Zone : Vote In Online Survey!

[ 1 ] December 2, 2008

Do you agree with the new 45 MPH speed zone along 151? ( polls) Nellysford – Nelson County, Virginia If you’ve been traveling Virginia Route 151 north out of Nellysford, you have no doubt noticed the new speed reminder radar unit near the intersection of Rodes Farm Drive and Route 151. As we told you [...]

New 45 MPH Speed limits signs went up on this past week between Route 6E and points south toward Nellysford.

Speed Limit Change Takes Effect On Other Parts of Route 151

[ 8 ] November 7, 2008

Nellysford – Nelson County, Virginia As we first told you back in June of this year, The Nelson BOS voted to lower the speed limit on another section of VA Route 151 between Route 6E and Nellysford. In December of 2007 a portion of 151 north toward Greenfield was lowered from 55 MPH to 45 [...]